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Getting Started Instructions for Using Your New Computer

A computer is more than just a household appliance. Nowadays, the amount of information to manage is becoming more and more. But you can use the help of a computer to manage information optimally. Let’s learn how to use your new computer.

How to start your computer for the first time may vary from computer to computer. It is possible that the steps in this guide may differ from the practice on the computer you are currently using. You may want to ask someone else for help.

If you are using a desktop computer, you should make sure that the keyboard, mouse, and monitor are plugged into the computer case before you continue with this guide. Learn our computer installation guide in Installing (Setting Up) a Computer.

Turning on the computer

The very first step is to turn on the computer. Locate and press the power button to turn on the computer. The location of this button may vary on some computers, but the icon symbol is usually the same.

After you press the power button, wait a few moments before the computer is actually ready to use. You may see some flashes on your monitor. This is a display of the booting process, and usually lasts about 15 seconds to a few minutes.

Once the computer has finished booting, it can be used immediately or requires a login. Login is the process of identifying a computer user by typing or selecting a username profile, followed by typing a password. If you have never logged in before, then you need to create an account.

Keyboard and mouse

The main medium of interaction between a computer and its user is the keyboard and mouse, or trackpad on a laptop computer. Understanding how to use these two devices is important in using a computer. Most computer users are comfortable placing the keyboard next to the mouse on the desk in front of them.

The mouse is used to move the pointer cursor on your monitor. Every time you move the mouse on your desk, the cursor pointer on the monitor will also move in the same direction. A mouse usually has two buttons, the left button and the right button. You interact with the computer through the mouse as you move to select an object on the monitor and click one of the mouse buttons.

On a laptop, you use the trackpad located under the keyboard. Simply slide your finger on the trackpad to move the cursor pointer on the monitor. Some trackpads do not have buttons, so you need to press or tap the trackpad for the click function.

The keyboard is used to type letters, numbers, and other symbols into the computer. Whenever you see a blinking upright line (called a cursor), you can start typing.

Note that the mouse also has a cursor, but it is shaped differently. The keyboard cursor is also called the insertion point.

Using the computer

The main screen of a computer is the desktop screen. This screen is the main menu. Through the desktop screen, you can access applications and other features on your computer.

Icons are used as unique identifiers of various files, applications and instructions on your computer. Icons are small images that serve as symbols (logos) of unique representations of files, applications, or things on your computer. Double-clicking on an icon will open an application or file.

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