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Tips on Choosing Quality Jeans

Jeans are already one of the top types of clothing in the community. Good for work, jeans are no limit on their use. In addition to being very easy to get, jeans also now comes with a variety of styles and colors. The price also varies.

But in buying jeans, the price alone can not be used as a benchmark quality. Then what is the differentiator between quality jeans and the less? Here are some things that blackpals needs to notice before buying jeans.

Stitching Edge Fabric

The difference of quality jeans with not the first seen from the edges. Top quality pants or edges are stitched neatly and more tightly. The purpose of the jeans is woven so that the material is not easily torn or unravel. Jeans made of denim material whose edges are stitched neatly this usually cost twice as expensive. While jeans are cheap, the edges are just stitched obras so easily open sewn.

Jeans shape

Spending more money to buy jeans is an investment. Quality Jeans tend to last wear and the shape will not shrink or melt as long as the usage.

Stitches per inch

The expensive and inexpensive jeans can also be distinguished from the many sewn. Expensive Jeans stitched along the fabric. More stitches are in every inch, then the jeans are getting longer lasting. Why is it expensive? As more and more parts are stitched, the longer the manufacturing time to ensure all the stitches are toned.


The difference of inexpensive versus expensive jeans can also be seen from the whiskers or faded stripes in the pants that make up the pattern. These lines come from the way of wearing jeans, e.g. wrinkles that are formed while seated. In expensive jeans usually have a lot of uneven whiskers because it is made by hand. Whereas cheap jeans tend to have a more flat fade lines because the pattern is already made using a computer.

Zipper or button

The difference of expensive jeans and cheap jeans are most easily seen from the use of studs or zippers. Generally jeans using studs have more expensive prices than those wearing zippers. Considering the price of the zipper in the market is cheaper compared to buttons. But that does not mean the jeans are not short-quality. Noteworthy is the emboss or mold of the brand on the buttons and the Ristleting head. Jeans are expensive and quality is usually emboss or brand will be printed large and neat.

The final suggestion is to always buy blackpals jeans in official brand holders ‘ outlets. If you do want to buy in unofficial vendors, then do not forget the point-pound above ya blackpals.

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